Essanti Slippers

Why Bamboo is the New Wonderfibre for Essanti Slippers...

Giving a soft tactile experience like silk, bamboo is the ideal product to give you maximum "wow" feeling when you slide your tired feet inside your slippers. Bamboo fabric also surpasses cotton in moisture absorption. Its crisscross texture creating microscopic openings in the fibres guarantees truly exceptional moisture absorption. Tests have shown that bamboo absorbs 60 percent more moisture than cotton and dries 20 percent more quickly than cotton.

Bamboo is Naturally Antibacterial - By Nature! In one of the most challenging areas for your body, the combat of bacteria is a distinct advantage around your feet. In results carried out by Testex, an independent Swiss Laboratory, "bamboo is antibacterial by nature" (JIS L 1902 Quantitive Test).
The Japanese Textile Federation has confirmed that after 100 washing cycles, bamboo fibre still possesses its antibacterial properties. These natural properties were not washed in by Man, so they cannot be washed out by You.

Eco-Friendly bamboo just keeps delivering its wonders. Like cotton, it is bio-degradable but unlike cotton, it is not dependant on pesticides to yield vigorous growth and a twice season crop. This therefore requires twice harvesting and so provides twice the environmentally sustainable jobs.
When you buy Essanti Bamboo Slippers, you will also contribute to the reduction in "Slipper Miles," because all our shop slippers are made by us in the UK for your Global Local enjoyment.