Essanti Slippers

Essanti Slippers was established in 1988 and we are still manufacturing slippers today in our own factory, situated amongst the hills of Mid Wales. We are now one of the few remaining UK manufacturers of slippers and the key to our success lies in 4 business ethics.......

Marriage of the textile and footwear industries to give you the benefits of both.

Unique use of component materials - the things that you don't see in your slippers, but make them so comfortable and practical. We call this "Providing form for the natural shape of your feet".

Examination of customer needs rather than just producing what the market may have wanted 50 years ago. So now you have lightweight, washable and above all comfortable slippers.

A concentration, indeed a dedication to a single product - so enabling focus and expertise within the market segment.

We do hope that you enjoy our slippers and the service that we provide in order to bring them to you.