Perfect slippers for Chalets & Apartments!

Please note: we will be discontinuing our imported ranges to concentrate on our own products manufactured in Wales.
Therefore products not highlighted with a flag British made are limited stock.

Style 300A - Washable towelling slippers
    British made


Style 310A - Washable bamboo towelling
    British made


Style 650A - Disposable short loop towelling

Style 301A - Washable waffle slippers
    British made


Style 655A - Short looped closed toe

Style 905A - Semi washable wide velour

Style 342A - Washable velour slippers
    British made


Style 850A - Disposable waffle slippers

Style 200A -Peep-Toe Towelling
    British made


Style 550A - Waffle slippers with loofah insoles

Style 755A - Long loop towelling - closed toe