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Welcome to Essanti Slippers Factory Tour
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Quilting the layers together
Multiple sewing heads move from left to right, right to left as the fabric layers move forward. Timing these movements together produces the diamond effect in your slippers that traps pockets of air like a continental quilt on your bed. Rolls of quilting are produced 1.5 metres wide by about 30 metres long ready for cutting out slipper shapes.
The quilting process
Quilted material is adhered to a very rigid closed cell foam that supports and cushions the weight on thousands of sealed air pockets. These do not absorb water and reflect heat so keeping you warm and snug. The laminating process then provides for 4 layers of progressive cushioning within a uniquely lightweight design.
Sheets 1.5m wide x 3mtrs long are prepaired for cutting to make insoles.
Cutting Out
Cutting Out  
Layers of fabric sheets are positioned on a moveable table so the fabric is moved around the cutting press as one.
Industrial "pastry knives" are placed over the material, the head of the press comes down exerting around 13 tonnes of pressure on a knife edge within half a second.

The fabric hasn't a chance!

Cutting Out
Making Vamps
Forming The Vamp  
Having been cut, the 3 layers of the slipper uppers have to be sewn together around the edge to make the layers as one again.
At this point, trims may be applied or the uppers embroidered.

The whole upper or ("vamp") needs to be finished by applying bias binding across the top to give a neat edge.

Making Vamps
Combining the tops of the slippers to their insoles involves special machinery, tailor made fittings and not to mention a high degree of operative skill.

Bias binding tape is folded tightly around the "welt" of the slipper whilst at the same time the "vamp" is introduced.

Attaching The Soles  
The pre cut soles are firstly glued to the slippers and then the units are sewn together on a high power compound walking foot machine.
Attaching soles
Sewing soles
The Complete Package!  
The resulting slippers have fully breathable vamps with a total of 5 layers of materials beneath you. The unique foam insoles weigh just 5 gms per pair and "thermo-form" via your body heat to the individual shape of your feet.
Packaged Slippers