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Towelling Washable Slippers with Lilac Trims
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Towelling Washable Slippers with Lilac Trims

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303 Towelling Slippers


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See them being made in Wales  Made by us in U.K.   Machine wash instructions Machine Wash

Uppers: 100% Cotton   Linings: 100% Cotton
Insoles: High Density Memory Foam
Soles: Artificial Rubber (Can be worn out of doors)

These washable, anti-snag towelling slippers are made with 100% cotton towelling with satin trims that pad & pamper those aching feet that we rely on for most of the working day - allowing them to breath, circulate and absorb...after pampering in the shower, spa, hot tub, bathroom & bedroom, Essanti Slippers will always complement your favourite wrap or robe.
As lightweight as socks, as durable as shoes but only about 160 gms, Essanti Slippers are also an addictive accessory for travel as well as everyday wear. Pack light and pack clean for in-flight comfort and trusted on unknown foreign floors, they are your "intimate footwear" and always a little piece of home.

Essanti Slippers... a considered year round gift rather than just a seasonal token.