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Cotton Waffle Washable Slippers


Cotton Waffle Washable Slippers


Cotton Waffle Washable Slippers

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301 Waffle Slippers


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See them being made in Wales  Made by us in U.K.   Machine wash instructions Machine Wash

Uppers: 100% Cotton    Linings: 100% Cotton
Insoles: High Density Memory Foam
Soles: Artificial Rubber (Can be worn out of doors)

These washable waffle-weave slippers are also available in sizes for men so making a perfect "His & Hers" gift set - especially when mixed with the lifestyle accessories opposite.
"Waffle" is a type of weave constructed so, during manufacture, it shrinks in a controlled way to produce a 3 dimensional effect. This gives a stimulating and intensional harshness to the weave - like a good "scrub". Cheaper fabrics include polyester which give a much flatter surface but ours are the real thing in 100% cotton which pad & pamper those aching feet that we rely on for most of the working day - allowing them to breath, circulate and absorb...after pampering in the shower, spa, hot tub, or bath comes an automatic, slightly exfoliating scrub down for your feet -just exhilarating enough to be so refreshing.

Essanti Slippers... a considered year round gift rather than just a seasonal token.