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Machine Washable Slippers For Men


Style 400 Towelling Slippers
Style 400 Plain Towelling
£8.95    British made

Style 401 White Waffle Slippers
Style 401 White Waffle
£9.50    British made

Style 410 Mens Bamboo Slippers
Style 410 Bamboo Towelling
Why is Bamboo Special?
£9.95    British made

Style 442 White Velour Slippers
Style 442 White Velour
£9.95    British made


The Essanti range of Machine Washable Slippers is extremely comfortable and with their lightweight construction makes them ideal for the following :

Bedroom Slippers

Essanti Slippers can be matched to your gown, nightwear or bedroom decor in your favourite fabrics such as in towelling slippers, satin slippers, printed styles or for pure luxury, in silk slippers. Available in ladies or mens sizes, our slippers are made in the UK. Enquire about our slippers at

Travel & Holiday Slippers

Essanti Slippers weigh only about 160g. Slippers that travel light and travel clean. Pack in your hand luggage for luxury in-flight and a warm, clean, comfortable and hygienic holiday. Ideal for cold, hard floors in holiday villas and all untrusted floors - Essanti slippers are available in ladies and mens sizes.

Bathroom Slippers

Like the slippers you may receive in a hotel but with the luxury of our unique construction, our slippers in towelling, waffle, cotton velour and cotton prints

Slippers for Christmas & Gifts

Slippers have always been a perfect gift for Christmas, weighing only about 160 gm the cost of post is less than the cost to wrap! We can even post them for you with your list of addresses (UK Only). Christmas all wrapped-up! (Contact Us)